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"Finally someone has written the book that breast cancer patients and their families have been waiting for. Marc Silver understands that the person with cancer is not the only one affected by this disease. Husbands need help, too. Here's a practical guide for the too many men who will need it."
Cokie Roberts, news analyst and breast cancer survivor

"Breast cancer is a family affair. Marc Silver touches the raw nerves of breast cancer husbands with insight, te
nderness, wisdom, and just the right amount of humor to both help and heal. This book is a gift to them-and to the women they love."
Bernadine Healy, M.D., former director of the National Institutes of Health and U.S. News & World Report medical columnist

"When breast cancer happens to the woman you love, all you want to do is fix it and make it go away. This terrific book gives partners the useful and sensitive answers they need to so many of the how tos? what ifs? and when wills? that come up along the way."
Marisa Weiss, M.D., founder and president of breastcancer.org

A supercharged survival guide for men and women confronting any life-threatening illness. Well-informed and practical, Silver covers the controversies and conflicts that arise under fire and guides you with love, support, and inspiration."
Matthew Loscalzo, director of patient and family support at the University of California at San Diego Cancer Center

"BREAST CANCER HUSBAND gives husbands, partners, and families of women with breast cancer exactly what they need. With a wonderful blend of empathy, humor, and information, Silver normalizes all the intense feelings of this experience. This book functions as a buddy and an on-call support group for men who love women with breast cancer."
Hester Hill Schnipper, oncology social worker and author of After Breast Cancer: A Common-Sense Guide to Life After Treatment

"BREAST CANCER HUSBAND illuminates the challenges that a loved one's cancer diagnosis presents and the helplessness husbands often feel. Marc Silver provides vital resources and solutions for caretakers and honestly addresses sensitive issues."
Mitch Stoller, president and CEO, Lance Armstrong Foundation

"No one should face breast cancer alone. But how does a husband support his wife when he may be feeling frustrated, sad, and angry himself? Author Marc Silver fills an essential niche with his book, BREAST CANCER HUSBAND, offering emotional support and practical advice to help men be compassionate caregivers-everything from tips for talking to children to a frank discussion of sexuality and intimacy."
Nancy G. Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

"When cancer happens, it happens to the entire family-not just the person with the diagnosis. Marc Silver knows this and-thank goodness-has written an honest, informative, and yes, even humorous guide for breast cancer husbands. A must-read for every man who's learning to live with breast cancer."
Diane Perlmutter, CEO, Gilda's Club Worldwide

Silver, an editor at U.S. News & World Report, speaks encouragingly in this heartfelt, useful guide for men whose wives or girlfriends have been diagnosed with breast cancer, as was his wife, Marsha, in 2001. Silver, who consulted with surgeons and oncologists for this book, first helps readers deal with the diagnosis, addressing men's stereotypical reactions (usually saying little, followed by overbearing urges to fix the problem), then advising them how to behave (ask questions and, more importantly, listen). He nicely interweaves comments from men and women who have gone through breast cancer diagnosis, setting them off with pull quotes and how-to sidebars such as "Husbanding Her Energies" and "Caring for the Caregiver." His advice is simple and sound: rather than saying "Cheer up, honey, the doctor said things aren't that bad," Silver recommends, "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" He discusses the surprisingly numerous cases in which men have left their spouses, discusses the importance of wives having an "appointment pal" and advises on explaining cancer to children. Silver also smartly examines the various treatments and suggests ways for readers to find sexual intimacy after a mastectomy. This guide is an invaluable compement to Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book and John Link's The Breast Cancer Survival Manual.
Publishers Weekly

Husbands or boyfriends of women with breast cancer are usually the least addresses in guides to the disease. An editor at U.S. News & World Report, Silver was a clueless as the next man when his wife, Marsha, was diagnosed. Failing to find a manual showing men how to offer the most support and care, he wrote his own. Silver gathered information from medical professionals and men in the same boat, covering every conceivable challenge to life with breast cancer (including suggestions on how to wash a woman's hair while she is wearing drains). Silver's prose is funny, tender, and filled with rock-solid advice. Highly recommended.
Library Journal